Ukrainian OSS community updates

Mar 19, 2022

Update from veelenga:

Many companies suspend their business in Russia because of the agression. I made a simple web app where you can quickly find the fresh list of such companies. This shows how much the world can sacrifice to help Ukraine and to stop the war.

Mar 16, 2022

Update from Tyrrrz:

Kyiv or Kiev? Kharkiv or Kharkov? Mykolaiv or Nikolaev? To make these kinds of decisions easier, I made a simple web app where you can quickly look up common Ukrainian names* and learn how to correctly write them in English. More on twitter

Mar 9, 2022

Ukrainian open source developers gathered to talk about their experiences of Russian invasion.
Twitter Space recording (original), Youtube (copy)

Mar 7, 2022

Update from vshymanskyy:

Just confirmed that my own house is destroyed by Russian Forces in Irpin. The R&D lab is gone. Our children have nowhere to return now. It’s a pile of money, hard work and dedication.
But I’m happy my family and friends are all safe. ❤️
Irpin is a peaceful city near Kyiv. Part of the city is currently occupied by russians. They are intentionally shooting civilians on the streets, invading and burning houses. Shops are being looted… People are locked in their basements, limited in supplies. More on twitter