Misbeliefs and misconceptions

These are largely backed by Russian propaganda. Find More on VoxCheck Ukraine.

Claim: Russian Armed Forces are performing a limited military operation in small part of Ukraine
⛔️ False. The invasion is taking place over all regions bordering Russia and Belarus, as well as other regions inside of the sovereign Ukraine.

Claim: Russian Armed Forces are involved in a humanitarian mission
⛔️ False. They are shooting rockets and huge bombs (inc. prohibited weapons) into residential areas of largest Ukrainian cities, killing countless civilians.

Claim: Ukrainian Armed forces are shelling Ukrainian cities
⛔️ False. Russia is trying to shift photo facts of shellings, shifting responsibility to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for shelling civilians.

Claim: Ordinary Russians are not responsible for Putin’s aggression
⛔️ False. The answer is lengthy so please read this article (or this, or this).

Claim: Ukrainian civilians are not eligible to make and use the “Molotov cocktail” (petrol bomb)
⛔️ False. Ukraine officially allowed making and using such bombs against invaders. Russian soldiers are scared to be destroyed by civilans using those DIY bombs.

Claim: Russian troops are able to advance immediately and everywhere across Ukraine
⛔️ False. Russian forces are very limited in their movement in Ukraine (which is one of the largest european countries). Russia is trying to focus on the easily reachable targets, yet is still slowing down the invasion due to lack of resources and issues with logistics.

Claim: Kyiv is surrounded and begs for mercy
⛔️ False. Russian forces are trying to surround the capital of Ukraine, but they are far from success.